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Originally Posted by Tosca View Post
And I have another query, something that has been bugging me a lot. I guess there is not exactly an answer to this, but I have had friends who would boast about being in an open relationship, and I have had friends who have used 'open relationship' to justify a wedding ring in a bar. I think that this is used a lot to negate a monogomous relationship for cheating. I hate the idea that when I explain it to someone that it sounds like a lousy excuse to say, yeah I have a wife but we can fuck, I'm sure she'll be fine with it. I hope I never come accross this way.
"Yeah, my wife and I have an open marriage, and she knows I came here to meet you. In fact, she'd like to meet you, too, just so that you know she's OK with it."

That will either reassure her or freak her out so badly that she'll leave skid marks on her way out the door. Either way, you've been honest, and will have left a very different impression from a cheater who hides behind poly.
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