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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post

Don't worry about the word "poly"'ll probably be more effort to explain a new word to her then to rely on words she already understands.

Good luck
Good call! I have been reading up so much about this that I would have probably unleashed a diatribe of terminology at her.

But I'm so new to this that I'm gonna see how it goes, If I make a mess of it then I have something to learn from.

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
If you are interested it is usually best to disclose before the meeting. I believe. You might find the person resents being misled, even int he slightest.
Well I met this girl on a night out, It was going in the way of a one night stand. In the end I stayed at her place but nothing happened. I didnt expect to keep in touch but we arranged to meet. We havnt really spoken to each other a whole lot. So it seems a little out of place to mention it before we meet. After all there might not be anything there.

Thank you both for the advice!
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