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Originally Posted by redsirenn View Post
Hi Everyone,

Now, here's the ringer: M has cheated before... last year, with ME. I've posted this story on here before. The thing is, I feel I was essentially lied to in that scenario, I talked with my SO, Ouroboros BEFORE anything happened, AND after as well. We talked about it, I don't care if anyone else knows, I am an open book. She knows he knows, I thought her husband didn't care, She said she would talk to him afterwards as well, but now after months of asking her to say something, she never said a word to him. Even though I am not a man, I still think this is cheating and it PISSES me off that I was put in this situation when I tried SOOOO hard to be honest and open, and blah blah blah.
So - I am stuck in the middle of this horrid scenario between friends because of this girl.

I can't bring up the new situation to anyone because it's not my business, if the spouses know I know, who knows what the fallout of betrayal from me would be. Especially because of what happened last year.


She just wants me to pretend she never said anything/ nothing ever happened... I can't do that! I told her in an email to get professional help, gave her some resources, and said I cannot drop it. I don't plan on bugging her, but I cannot forget, these people are my close friends and the fallout could be disastrous.

I hate that I am so involved after trying to be good.

I am thinking about giving space with our "friendship" until this either blows over, or she gets help - whatever comes first.



Keep friends, who are deserving of your friendship. Don`t enable drama-queens, cheaters, or manipulators.

You CAN do something. You can control yourself. Keep away from her. People like that only learn when they alienate their friends. If you allow yourself to be pulled around by puppet-strings, she`ll forever expect you to keep her secrets.

Good Luck.
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