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Originally Posted by Tosca View Post
She doesnt know I'm married.

By "meeting" a woman do you mean in a totally casual "non dating" way? I'm only asking because going on a date and then telling you you are married could go pretty wrong.

I had a woman explain an "open mairraige" to me before and that was adequate. She was clear that her husband was aware of us meeting.

When Redpepper first explained poly to me I was in a bit of a haze around it not just being about freedom to fuck. That true understanding comes with time.

Just be honest and tell her that you and your wife are happily together and free to explore other meaningful relationships. Make sure the word "meaningful" is emphasized. Don't worry about the word "poly"'ll probably be more effort to explain a new word to her then to rely on words she already understands.

I'd be more concerned about you being married at this point..depending on the nature of your meeting this woman that is.

Good luck

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