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Default How to explain to new 'potential' lovers?

Me and my wife have recently decided to try an open/polyamorous relationship. Neither of us have been with anyone else yet. I met a girl last week and I have aranged to meet her tomorrow. She doesnt know I'm married.

I'm not interested in being deceptive so I want to be completly straight and open about it, I'm just really looking for some advice in how to explain this to people that you are interested in, in a non-threatening and easy to understand way.

And I have another query, something that has been bugging me a lot. I guess there is not exactly an answer to this, but I have had friends who would boast about being in an open relationship, and I have had friends who have used 'open relationship' to justify a wedding ring in a bar. I think that this is used a lot to negate a monogomous relationship for cheating. I hate the idea that when I explain it to someone that it sounds like a lousy excuse to say, yeah I have a wife but we can fuck, I'm sure she'll be fine with it. I hope I never come accross this way.


Hello everyone! lovely to find this kind of forum.
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