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Hi Everyone,

I've been absent from the forum for a while - partially because my relationship is going well and partially because most of my friends now know about it and so I can talk to them about stuff. If you want details, I can post them on my thread, but I am here for another purpose.

I am seeking advice for something I cannot talk about amongst my group. I have a friend, we'll call her M who is married to another friend, E. M is having a rough time right now with regards to her marriage and recently told me she cheated on E while out of town with another close friend, J (who is also married!).

These people are all in our close knit group of friends, and I am kinda annoyed she spilled the beans to me because I have NO CLUE what to do, and if there is even anything I can/should do.

Now, here's the ringer: M has cheated before... last year, with ME. I've posted this story on here before. The thing is, I feel I was essentially lied to in that scenario, I talked with my SO, Ouroboros BEFORE anything happened, AND after as well. We talked about it, I don't care if anyone else knows, I am an open book. She knows he knows, I thought her husband didn't care, She said she would talk to him afterwards as well, but now after months of asking her to say something, she never said a word to him. Even though I am not a man, I still think this is cheating and it PISSES me off that I was put in this situation when I tried SOOOO hard to be honest and open, and blah blah blah.
So - I am stuck in the middle of this horrid scenario between friends because of this girl.

I can't bring up the new situation to anyone because it's not my business, if the spouses know I know, who knows what the fallout of betrayal from me would be. Especially because of what happened last year.


She just wants me to pretend she never said anything/ nothing ever happened... I can't do that! I told her in an email to get professional help, gave her some resources, and said I cannot drop it. I don't plan on bugging her, but I cannot forget, these people are my close friends and the fallout could be disastrous.

I hate that I am so involved after trying to be good.

I am thinking about giving space with our "friendship" until this either blows over, or she gets help - whatever comes first.


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