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Hm. This is a good topic.

I must say I have been extremely lucky because my husband moved into MY apartment after we had been together for less than six months - THEN - my mother caught cancer and we BOTH moved into HER house into MY OLD ROOM in the BASEMENT... only two months after he moved into my apt.

A very large part of the credit goes to the fact that S is extremely easy-going when it comes to minutiae. I am very minutiae-oriented, mostly because my life revolves around cats and strategically placing objects to as not to become destroyed or defiled by said cats. I REPEAT: My life revolves around cats and if everything is not JUST SO, the cats will fuck it up or ruin it. But that is the lifestyle choice I made, and the enjoyment I get out of having the cats and doing right by them equals or exceeds the enjoyment I would get out of being able to drop my stuff anywhere anytime without it getting pee or hair all over it. But I digress.

My point is that S has been the one to adjust to all these things, especially to the point where he started sleeping in another room because he's kind of allergic to the cats (not all the time, but very much so when he's trying to sleep). Plus, his snoring keeps ME awake. I guess what I am trying to say to you's is that for the long haul, it really is important that everyone have their OWN SPACE, because the novelty of "all of us cuddling in one big bed" goes away - maybe not after one or two or five years - but it does go away, and eventually what you have is a bunch of snoring and farting and nobody is well rested in the morning.

Yes, there's my pessimistic side creeping in again, but frankly, a board like this can use an injection of pessimism every now and then to keep the balance. And when you really think about it, it is NOT pessimism at all, but rather a testimony to the reality of what it takes to live with someone(s) in such a manner as not to get totally fucking SICK of each other for no good reason at all.

Having said all that, I do realize that people live together for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to save money, which sometimes involves sacrificing space.

I can certainly think of more to say, but I have to go do other things. I promised to bring cheese and a salad to a pot-luck dinner at our last camping excursion of the season this weekend, and I must hop to.

Of course I'll be staying logged in.
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