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I find it a peculiar thing to say "the" third person. Because, when there are three people, every one of them is a "third person" from a certain perspective.

Bah. I just don't think the vast majority of people have what it takes to sustain the "triad" relationship-style for very long, regardless of whether we are conditioned by society toward "monogamism" or not. Not to say it isn't possible; it just isn't probable.

And I am quite comfortable in my pessimism, thank you's very much.
Yeah, I agree with you there. Most of the time, the couple still retains a unit status even when they try to include the new partner as much as possible. And most don't even understand that they're doing it. Which is why I'm leery of this model in the first place...ironic that I ended up in it, but I thought it was worth experiencing. Doubtful I'll put myself there again.
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