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[QUOTE=nikkiana;797]Redpepper, I'm really confused by your response to this... It seems like she's asking a really heartfelt question here... What are you trying to get at with this reponse?
I understand that it is heart felt, really I do and I loved all the suggestions of questions to ask oneself... thanks for posting that. What I am trying to get at with my response is that there may be deeper questions to ask before the question of how to handle ones reaction to ones partner engaging in BDSM acts that are disturbing to myself. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems that there is many things going on and that just add more pressure... I don't know I would find myself wanting to slow things down a bit and create some boundaries before getting into BDSM scenes. If I wanted the situation to last any length of time I would certainly want to have more discussion on what was coming about more, rather than living it all in a couple of weeks and it fizzling out.
I guess I have lived that and would do it differently now... what do I know.... I don't live what lemondrop is going through and am not her so it is all just my perspective... but then that is what this is all about isn't it?
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