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God, this is all so encouraging - daily, I'm re-finding myself, questioning myself, being so self-aware and yet so aware of the feelings involved in this. I do hope PixieChick that it works out for you too - let's keep talking if you're happy to.

At the end of the day, the beginning of the day and throughout - we are only human. What is conventional and accepted by "the norm" isn't necessarily what HAS to suit us.

Life is far too short to be held back by traditional acceptance. Acceptance I think is a key word - feel the fear and do it anyway. Yes it is all scary but talk talk talk to all parties involved - that's what is helping me right now.

I'm reassuring my husband I'm not going to leave him. I'm taking it for what it is with my friend - this is the here and now - it may not be forever, but it feels so right just now.

Listen to the lyrics of Newton Faulkner - If this is it.

Hope we can talk more and thank you to others posting on this thread - it's all good good good to read x
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