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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post

Since you've already considered buying a piece of land together and building on it, I hope that this dream comes true for you.

"There's nothing wrong with building castles in the air, as long as you use them to create foundations for reality."
LMAO, I didn't read this before my last post.

We've actually ironed out the WHERE. And ironed out that Maca and I will be going down in Aug or Sept of 2012 for 2 months (with the $40k for the downpayment) to try to locate THE property we want.
In the meantime, GG is working on getting approved for a load to get an RV (as he has no carloans or mortgages currently).

That was a HUGE relief to just get something a little more concrete laid out.

We've talked more in depth about what we each NEED in this "new home" for our own well-being and pretty much agreed that there will have to be at least two houses and a "shop". The houses may be more or less "complete" (we could handle sharing the kitchen and living space), but that way each of us has a place we can "runaway" to when we need our alone time, without being "gone" from the kiddos.
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