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I feel like I haven't been much of a partner lately. Work and the board for derby have been all kinds of busy and because things have been going along so well I haven't really been paying much attention. And so here I am all of a sudden realizing I haven't had much in the way of real connection time with either of my loves. I miss them (even though I have been in the same physical space as them).

My husband and I have let our structure of taking some time each night after the kids go to bed to talk to each other go. For a long time it didn't really seem like we had much to say of any importance (because things are going well). But that really isn't the point, the point is to stay connected.

RP and I have never had set date nights. So there are times when we go a couple of weeks without spending any one on one time with each other. electronic communication is a good thing but it doesn't really fill that gap.

So I think it's time to get out the calendars are set some real times for things. I'm going to plan the pants off some date nights
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