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"Thing is that nasty sex that is watched by others gets old pretty quick for the ones having the sex. At least for me it did and from what I have heard, for others too."

That's exactly where I am at. My husband has no qualms about letting me have nasty sex with multiple guys, passing me around among all of his friends. And sure, at first there was an element of excitement. But I'm over it too, because it's kind of played out -- I'm tired of putting on a show for his gratification, I want some connection, I want it to be about ME and what I want sometimes, and that involves a connection. However, at the first hint at any emotional connection -- a penpal of mine that I have a lot in common with, even -- he gets insanely jealous and acts all possessive and like THAT is crossing the line.

We, like it sounds like the two of you, wanted different things. I am going to communicate openly and honestly with my husband, as you have with yours, and be just as considerate of his feelings and hope it works out as well for me as I'm sure it will for you. Thanks for posting, I'm so encouraged by your story and wish you all the best!!!!
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