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Smile good points again

thanks for the advice NY, I'm taking it. My date with the professor got cancelled because he became extremely sick this past week. We will probably meet up tomorrow or later in the week.

As I read your post I realized that I also kind of feel like *I'm* leading him on in a way. I met him on Adult Friend Finder, and now am more interested in keeping him as a friend, not so sure about as a lover. I guess what I'm realizing is that I don't technically owe him anything either, if we hang out or have a bunch of dates and I decide that I'm not interested in casual sex, it doesn't make me a tease and I haven't wasted his time either.

I'm definitely feeling more relaxed about it this week. I'm kind of framing it like an actual friendship, I certainly would not freak out if a friend did not contact me every day or even a few days. Also one of my closest male friends, who I often cyber with, did not start out as someone I was in daily contact with. We are now, but for years we would go for months with no contact- it was not until a few months ago that our friendship/sexuality blossomed.
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