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Default welcome Zadok!

Well to confuse things more, D/Dungeon is now Zadok I tried to figure out how to edit my previous posts but am unable to find the button to do it.

At any rate, Zadok made an account and I'm thrilled. I know that he will not be as active here as I am, but if he wants to read or chime in he's more than welcome.

This past weekend was great for us. We've been talking and processing more about poly, boundaries, and moving forward. Something just clicked during our talks. It was partly the way he described his experience of my sleeping with C, and partly some of the changes he has made recently in his life. He has become more interested in learning communication techniques (some of which I had learned in the past and was reminded of in threads on here) and also has become more health conscious which is incredibly attractive to me. I am turned on, not because it may change his appearance, but because someone who is invested in taking care of themselves signals to me a healthy and loving person, who I want to be around.

C and I have been back in touch, but I have been feeling very strongly that I don't want to jeopardize what I have with Zadok, I value it too much. He talked about how he can and will eventually be able to tolerate an probably embrace my potentially poly lifestyle, and I believe him. I'd rather go slow and have him along for the ride than hurt him too much too soon, and he would have to leave for his own sanity. I think there is a strong possibility that if we handle each other with love and care, we can navigate this successfully. I will continue to keep in touch with C but I am not going to meet up with him again until Zadok is ready.

I'm on such a pink cloud right now I don't want to jinx it. That's all for now.
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