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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
What does it mean "to cyber"?
Well, the way I was using it is that since they are in different states, one of the only ways they can be "intimate" together while apart is to tell each other what they'd like to do if they were together, talk dirty, moan, get off and help each other get off best they can. Anyways, that's what I was referring to, hope it clarifies.

Yes Mono, completely agree that it is something to learn from and not repeat over and over and ask forgiveness over and over, that's not a growing relationship.

Bowvine, all your points are very valid as they have to do with feelings of betrayal, promises broken, etc. I'm not familiar yet with the "rules" of cheating in a poly relationship, but if it feels wrong to you, then it probably needs to be discussed with the group. You (as I find myself in the same situation) will probably be the one trying to slow down the intimacy and physicality of their relationship if for no other reason than to ensure that it is based on love rather than sex. And they need to listen, respect and discuss this with you, not just go off at their own pace.
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