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Really? A "couple" cheated on you!? Whatever. I'm sorry, I would be really surprised if they didn't know exactly what they were doing and didn't care enough. They BOTH sound immature to me.

It sounds like the boundaries you have with them are not firm and need some clarification. Once clarified, if they are unsure, they should ASK for clarification.... what a fucking cop put indeed!

Ya, I think they owe you a really nice dinner on them and to spend the night doing exactly what you want to do. Then, as Ari said. The proof will be when in the future you need to study, they keep their sexiness at bay and wait respectfully and patiently.....

If you have boundaries with them that include play outside of your relationship then so be it, but that needs to be discussed and agreed to in my opinion. It sounds like you didn't and it wasn't clear. That is no ones fault, but it needs to be cleared up and they need to prove they are trustworthy...

I find it really hard to believe that out of the two of them they didn't figure on asking you how you felt if they went ahead and got their sexy on. Seriously, it seems to me it was a convenient excuse that they just assumed. Personally, from what you are saying here (I don't know their side of it) I would be really pissed off and would be asking for them to show me in many ways that they love me and can be trusted.... I would have a hay day of ideas on how to make amends... starting with the above suggestion
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