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I think I understand what you mean, but I agree with GS I think. To covet something can make one ignore reality, or at least not see the bigger picture. That can mean a break down somewhere, especially in relationships. Having enough doubt to check in as often as possible is where real closeness and bonding come from.

Falling asleep in the arms of someone you love is incredible at times for sure, but it doesn't make all the day to day connection that is required become unimportant. That all takes work and effort. Its even more sweet to know that things are going well, connection is present every day AND falling asleep in each others arms every night is there also.

The biggest accomplishment is in the feeling that comes to be completely on the same page/wavelength, as a partner because the effort is put in to really understand them and accept them. The effort it takes to be part of their reality.

This isn't always possible though. Connection daily and snuggling nightly that is. It isn't possible all the time in monogamy or in poly, but its worth working towards until such time as a moment arises of perfect harmony.
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