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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
DH thinks he might need antidepressants to get him out of this slump of negative thinking. Maybe it will help? Counselor wants to see us for two more weeks to see if he can work it out on his own first, I'm trying to remain hopeful.
I didn't read how much he drinks or how often. But as a recovering alcoholic I can tell you honestly, cutting back to a few times a week doesn't eliminate the poison from your system. Alcohol is a depressant. Before trying anti depressants and using more chemicals, cut the booze out for a time and see if that helps.
I have never been much into drinking, but from all that I have seen and read, I agree with Ariakas 100% here! Get Beo to read the whole of that comment, please.

I also have serious misgivings about the anti-depressants. They can become a crutch without which he will feel that he just can't cope. There's a really big danger that he become not only physically but also emotionally VERY addicted.

Added to which, if he takes the drugs and THEN goes on a bender... well that's a good way to off himself.
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