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Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
I also see [Vino] visibly hoping I never meet a man I'm attracted to, so he'll never have to face that, and that makes me want to drop the whole discussion entirely.

He's fine with me dating women because he does gets benefits, like hot three-way fantasies and the luxury of telling other men his wife is actively bisexual.

There are many, many people in the world who would give anything to have a marriage like mine. I feel guilty pushing for more openness, like I'm trying to destroy something beautiful.

What's my motive? I don't have anyone I'm particularly interested in at the moment. Freedom, maybe? A chance to explore my sexuality more thoroughly? To not have to suppress attraction the next time I feel it? To experience another round of giddy NRE? All of these are motivated by selfishness....
Yeah, Vino doesn't feel threatened by your relationship with another woman [some husbands would be] because he's still the only MAN you're bonking. Added to which - as you've pointed out - he gets the freebie sexual fantasies and street-credible status that go with that.

Is Freedom such a selfish thing to strive for??? Is doing away with any kind of suppression? (Well... yes! But using a much more positive definition of "selfishness" that you imply here.)
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