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Default Sexual revolution

I wonder if this is something others have experienced as a side-effect of poly.

I've always had a satisfying sex life with my husband and haven't felt a need for anything else. I was young when we got together so I haven't had a continuous sexual relationship with anybody else. Until now that I'm with my girlfriend.

Can I just say oh my God! (Even though I'm an atheist )

I'm finding all kinds of new things I like! It's not just the sex with my girlfriend that is different but I feel like I'm different. Like there has been something blocking parts of me I didn't know existed but gf found a way to open them and now they are definitely open. It's effecting sex with my husband as well, and definitely in a GOOD way (even though I had no complaints before!).

More great sex all around, I'd say a win-win-win situation. (I feel a bit weird about a topic this intimate but figured I'm anonymous enough here. I mean, I usually share a lot about myself, but don't really mention my partners because I want to honor their privacy. )
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