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You misunderstood my intention, Ceoli. Sorry if I was unclear. This question has nothing to do with mono relationships. I guess you could look at mono relationships simplistically and say a measure of success is happy longetivity.

You are right though..because poly relationships have different dynamics and various goals from lifelong commitments to "casual" friends with benefits it is a very individual thing that defines success.
Actually, I don't see that much of a difference between mono and poly relationships. I've seen many mono relationships that were not based on longevity, but on a limited time frame. Or monogamous friends with benefits that move on from that when finding another partnership. There is a whole spectrum that goes from casual to committed and everything in between for mono *and* poly relationships.

For me a relationship is successful if I've learned something from it and have somehow come out a better person. And even better if friendships can be maintained.
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