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Talking Thank you

Originally Posted by magikman79 View Post
the online part kinda worried us a bit too, but were very careful to not attach to ppl until we meet them, some things you cant feel out through a text or a phone conversation. But after meeting a couple, we kinda wish it would just happen the old fashioned way too lol
What makes me uncomfortable with the idea is; opening you self to the unknown world of the internet. Iíve always been the type of person that never accepts friend request from people I donít know. Privacy settings are my most major concern.
Originally Posted by magikman79 View Post
I/we can relate to wanting someone to come back, that's just not going to come back, but it gets easier all the time.
I sometimes ask my self if I miss her or the fantasy/dream that I attached to her. There are so many things that I still wanted us to do together and she made me feel different. Iíve always had men treat me like the damsel in distress and it was my turn to take care of someone else.

Originally Posted by magikman79 View Post
Its good that you didn't rush into anything, & we found it helps a lot if everyone communicates well & is honest about how they feel & what they want.
You have a lot easier time getting what you want if you can ask for it.
All of this becomes even more true when you begin to talk about the sexual aspect of a relationship.
I also feel that I made a good decision and wait before exploring a sexual relationship. Iíve come to realize that it is a type of connection that needs to be cherished rather than the start or the only meaning of a relationship. When it is something special it can really make you feel closer.

Originally Posted by magikman79 View Post
& Life is a journey... learn to enjoy the ride

O, & welcome to the forum
Thank you for your warm welcome, I really hope to continue hearing from you. Iíve enjoyed readying your and your wifeís blog.
"To laugh often and love much...this is to have succeded."-Emerson
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