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You needed/wanted connection with a different man than your husband and he wanted to watch you have nasty sex with someone else. It sounds like you both knew this ahead of time. Thing is that nasty sex that is watched by others gets old pretty quick for the ones having the sex. At least for me it did and from what I have heard, for others too.

Usually the people having the sex either have no connection and move on or have a connection and want passion and alone time. Trouble is that for the one watching, they are shit out of luck with the second scenario. The first one means moving on to another nasty fuck, so all is good for them. The second usually means an end to all of it. Love happnes, NRE happens, a desire to settle in and a lack of desire for new nasty fuck buddies. In fact it can become almost disgusting to think that that was even desirable at one point! Yup, such is love/NRE.

It might take some time to adjust. I don't suggest telling your partner that you are good if he go find someone else to fuck. I don't suggest promoting that at all.

I would suggest holding him tight, telling him you love him, telling him things are changing and that you fully intend to explore this with him. That is if you are up for that. Make sure you keep your NRE at bay when you are with him and arrange some fantastically fun things to do with him. Show him you are committed but intend to have your own life and that might include this other guy.

Have a read around here for more, or ask more questions. You have started a journey it seems and it could be great, but by the looks of things could take you in a different direction tham you've been on.
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