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Very well Mag....

Let's own up to reality. People in general are kinda disgusting, they leak from all the strangest places in the worst possible way, they shed in the bed and when they aren't doing that their hair clogs up the shower drain, their breath in the morning makes small animals run from the room, sometimes their bodies make the weirdest noises during sex or when they first get up in the morning. They have moles, scars, and hair growing where there should be none. They say things they shouldn't in public and are generally not fit to be seen out with others. They hate the way they look, pictures of themselves and the way their voice sounds. They aren't satisfied with themselves, refuse to believe anyone else should be and as a result are particularly insecure. They get sick, they cry for no reason, they are growing old and afraid of dying.

Well except my wife of course, she is perfect . But that paragraph above fits me pretty well. She has dealt with all of that and more and somehow still loves me, somehow still finds me sexy and attractive

Does this mean love is blind, or does this mean that love can overcome reality? Or does this mean that love is more than attraction, more than a physical response to hormones and excitement? Can one really love me or you even though we are human, even though we are less than perfect?

I have yet to come across a good definition for love, at one time I thought it was a willingless to sacrifice for another, if that is the best definition, then being a part of a poly relationship would definitely fit. But love or at least the love I am part of refuses to be defined. There are parts that are fairy tale, there are parts that are dirty, there are parts that are unmentionable, the largest part is acceptance. The accepting me for who I am, accepting her for who she is, and now R for who he is and loving whoever even though they aren't perfect or even who we want them to be is what makes it work.

Acceptance, like love isn't easy. Accept me, accept us. Accept without trying to force change, accept that we all will grow, accept that we will all change on our own, accept the dissapointment, accept the surprises, occasionally accept the tender little things that take your breath away and make you have to decide if you want to cry with joy or laugh till you cry.

Accept that your significant other feels that way about their significant other..... That will redefine your own love.
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