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Default Balance the Paradox

This is maybe a bit of an odd blog. But I think if i write some of my feelings and thoughts out it will help me.

I made the choice back in Dec of 2010 to connect with a man who wanted only a mono relationship on both ends.

Since that time, he and I have been through a lot of ups and downs, none of them relevant to my poly-mono orientation.

But though I am not the least bit pron to infedelity, I am struggling with the fact that he is so so so so so so mono. And i am so so so so poly. O.o

Part of me hopes that one day i will be able to talk him through to some experimenting in poly at least.

But i doubt it. And it frustrates me. And I really miss women.

How do you explain to a man who has been scarred in the past that loving and desiring others temporarily does not impair or lessen my love for him?

I keep a tight reign on myself. But i feel like i am strangling on the leash.

Especially since he is so seldom near.
- All my Love.
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