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Originally Posted by Isaac View Post
We met online (something I have never done before) and we met for drinks. . . . It certainly could have been worse, but it was not good. She was "confused." She wants something more 'traditional,' etc etc. She wasn't 'trying to offend' me 'or anything,' but it just isn't what she wants. She wants her man to 'give her everything' or some such thing.
Originally Posted by MindfulAgony View Post
When to blurt out "I'm poly which means I have two girlfriends and..."? I don't feel I can even express romantic interest in someone offline without this particular preamble. . . . always part of the initial discussion about how much time I currently have to devote to another relationship and whether or not that works.

Making it part of your profile does indeed reduce your message traffic. But, at least, I have more confidence that those who are willing to spin up a dialogue are doing so with at least the willingness to explore non-monogamy.
Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I pretty much disclose right away. I don't want to risk anything. Anyone I am interested in knows I am in an open relationship. You then build the relationship on a fishery important piece of honestly
Yeah, even if you don't mention it in your profile (I don't), it's a good idea to bring it up in your conversations before you actually meet.

That being said, sounds like you two had some powerful attraction to each other. Who knows where a friendship might lead? Keep looking but perhaps don't let this one drift away - she might eventually be open to poly after she gets to know you better.
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