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Originally Posted by polycouple View Post
Hi all,

What's been your experience? Has anyone had an equilateral triadic relationship work between three people, two of which were committed to one another first?

Thanks for your stories and feedback!
I mighty not have the best news for ya. In the time i have been poly I have never seen a true equilateral triad. All of them I have seen are usually more scalene. And past that, sometimes even fluid with peoples roles changing consistenltly.

Some people need those roles to stay comfortable. Primary secondary is used in a lot of poly relationships because it's give people comfort. That's a tough thing to overcome.

To your question on insecurities lots of people have overcome them. With time and consistency. Insecurities can be rooted in something as simple as fear of losing time, or a side they thought was unique to them. Lots of reasons, lots of excuses. Can you ever get rid of them, I dont know. I still have them. Can you learn to focus on the reality instead of what you create in your head. I think that's really the key to overcoming insecurities.

Best of luck
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