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Lemondrop, unfortunately I have no experience or advice to add here regarding quads. I am in a relationship where we are only initially dabbling in a potential V. We've actually commented a few times that "in a perfect world" the man who fell in love with my wife would also be involved so that I would have a companion when they are spending time together. (I struggle with "alone time".) Obviously another person in the relationship would complicate things exponentially, and things are never simply. But also keep in mind that you are apparent living proof that it is possible so far.

Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Here's my question...what defines success in a poly relationship of any dynamic?
Mono, when I read this it reminded me of a conversation the three of us in our currently relationship had this past weekend when we were struggling and communicating and working through a rough patch. Every day/week/month we succeed to keep our relationship working, together and healthy IS SUCCESS. I think there are so many marriages that last 10, 25, 50 years that we are conditioned to base a successful poly relationship in similar terms. But (in my humble opinion) every day that the relationship lasts is a success. Maybe that's a simplistic, rosey view, but that's how I'm choosing to see it at this time.
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