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Hi Masquerade78,

I get surprised by people's naivity that it's OK for their partners to sleep with others, but by no means get emotionally involved at all. I understand that this might happen at times, but it's also equally possible that emotions do get involved. Perhaps it's even inevitable eventually considering that the act of sex is one fraught with the possibility of connection...

It would therefore seem unfair to me for him to suddenly want to pull the plug on things when it's been OK for him up to this point. Suddenly now it's not OK for him, but he has been the one prepared for you to play with fire so to speak. I imagine it would be heart-breaking to a degree to call things off when you are getting emotionally involved now, and that's not even considering the other guys emotions too...

I can understand that as you get emotionally involved with someone else it is difficult for your husband and more than he bargained for, but he has been keen for this process to start and needs to consider both your and the other person now that things are rolling...

There may be scope to slow down to allow your husband time to work through stuff, but in my opinion, it would be unfair for him now to demand that you stop simply because emotions are now involved. In someways, what did he expect?...
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