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I see love as something that is always there, like a deep pool inside us, and which is part of everyone. When we love others, it simply means that we connected with them on that level, or let them in close enough to touch that love we always already have within. Now, you might try not to let someone get that close, but I think most of the time, it naturally happens, and often times it happens suddenly even if we didn't want it to! Love is both a natural human response and state of being. At the core of humanity is love.

Jealousy, on the other hand is not a natural emotion, but one born of the mind. It is a manufactured feeling that rises up because of things we tell ourselves, beliefs we hold, deals we make. You can use your mind to drum up almost any feeling, but that's not the same as a natural emotional response. So, I think it's important to examine jealousy when it comes up and figure out what thought processes prompted it to do so.

So, basically it's the difference between having a sense of mastery over one's mind and how we have trained ourselves to react (jealousy) AND allowing for natural human feelings to surface and to sharing them when we allow other people into our lives (love).
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"Oh, oh, can't you see? Love is the drug for me." ~Bryan Ferry
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