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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Overall, I would say this is all about him. "Let me go and enjoy myself with other woman and don't bug me about it." Doesn't sound like he is looking to build a healthy poly relationship. Sounds like he wants to "play around" with your consent.

""Now, tell me if I can see her YES or NO! I will respect your wish"

Say "NO!". Call him on this question and see what he does..does he communicate or does he push blindly? If he doesn't communicate tell him to do a little reading about poly before he chooses to invoke the word. It's a lot of work and by the sounds of it, you are the one who does all the work there...I doubt he is ready.

I feel for you
Mono, I was thinking the same as you yet again, but decided to leave all the work of typing it out to you

It sounds like the husband is saying "I'm going to do this whether you like it or not. If you want to leave, leave. If you want to stay, deal with it. But don't make it MY problem."

To quote from my favorite emo-rap song:

"It's not that she wanted to have the cake and eat it too; she wanted the candles lit, a gift, and a fucking balloon."

Except I would put "he" where it says "she".
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