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Please feel free to write about jealousy on the thread I started in general discussions

I'm not so sure that you are all that different than people when it comes to a relationship to yourself... perhaps you have discovered this earlier in your life though... which is awesome! But it isn't different.

I hear what you are saying about jealousy and would agree with you at one point in my life, however, for me, when I fall in love with someone so completely and deeply so as to not be able to go on without their presence in my life I feel differently about jealousy. I used to feel shameful in that as it seemed weak, but now I honour that I can love so fully and with wholeness. Like it is with my whole body and on a soul level. I still have myself and still know that it is me who I need to rely on. I leave myself a path to be able to look after myself first (financially, in terms of having my own friends, place to live etc) but put everything into loving them. There is nothing wrong with loving that way, just not in putting myself in danger. Jealousy shows me that that love is real.
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