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thanks for your comments. they are big help to me and us right now. I underestimated the difficulty of poly and when I realised it really can be difficult, this site helped me not to be a sour person (which I always knew is a no no in relationships)

@ray - yes the problem is nre and insecurity. the strength of insecurity most probably comes from the knowledge that we are inexperienced and vulnerable at this early stage. that random person is just an acquaintance not much of importance. it was just a critical moment and a last straw.

@redpepper - many people around us knows we are open for some time but we are also a hmm.. 'cuddly' couple most of the time. things seem much better now, I also feel she is not forcing herself to show extra attention but it once more comes from within her.

she will be in the city where he lives for the weekend (she just left for the airport) for some work-related lgbt activity and will stay with him for one night. this would be a nightmare unless I was utterly calmed by her warmth yesterday and your constructive words. thanks.

she is not certain what is it that goes on between them, she says she just feels strong emotions. after this weekend I am considering to offer her to have a short talk with all three people involved. I think it would be better if I establish a relation a bit deeper than mere acquaintance with him, and it may clear the bitter air.

do you think it is too soon? with the pace things are going I do not think so.
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