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Default Re introing myself....

This may seem silly....

But i was gone from the forum for so long that I feel i should say hi again.

I joined this site about.... Oh gosh... Almost 18months ago i think?

At the time i was merely very curious about poly and what I might mean in my life.

Being a pansexual and naturally inclined towards poly, one of the hardest choices i ever made was to join with my completely (totally, utterly, fully) mono bf. Lol but, that is where my life is at the moment.

I am happy to go where the universe takes me.

I love metaphysics, music, singing, songwriting (currently producing my first album! Yayayayayayaayayayayy!!!!!!) tarot, baking, dancing, cats, writing, poetry, movies, magick, and more.

I am very much hoping to find some new friendships. (and to those that i vanished on, I am very sorry! Life got crazy!)

So... Hello again from me!

Love, and etc!
- All my Love.
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