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Lol red pepper I like that!

Really I am looking for idealized situations. I do want realism, but only realism. This is fantasy, for the poly minded.

Having been a unicorn once myself, I know the extreme unlikelihood of a couple meeting an actual unicorn. Most women (or men) worth having are had. Lol by at least one person.

Thank you for all the good ideas. Keep em coming!

When i have a first draft, would anyone like to test drive it?

And am i right in assuming that the most common poly combos are:
1. Male-female-female (all linked)
2. Male who has two females, who are not linked to each other.

Also, can anyone give me an example of what the healthy sexual dimanic of a poly relationship is?

Sorry to be asking so many questions but if I do any representation of this community of people I want to do it accurately.
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