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Originally Posted by JenAgain View Post

So that said.. yes, we had our appointment today. DH thinks he might need antidepressants to get him out of this slump of negative thinking. Maybe it will help? Counselor wants to see us for two more weeks to see if he can work it out on his own first, I'm trying to remain hopeful.
I didn't read how much he drinks or how often. But as a recovering alcoholic I can tell you honestly, cutting back to a few times a week doesn't eliminate the poison from your system. Alcohol is a depressant. Before trying anti depressants and using more chemicals, cut the booze out for a time and see if that helps.

I used to get stuck in vicious circles of negative energy. I would feel bad, I would drink, I woud feel good, I would go to bed, and wake up sadder. I would not drink, I would feel ok, swing down a bit and drink,.. Ever cycling in and our of negativity. Near the end of my drinking i drank less than I had in the last ten years, but the cycle still applied.

Anyways I am not the preachy type, and I don't know what he drinks, but it is something to consider before starting on drugs. only reason why I mention it, is your are asking him to cut back, you have asked him to slow down and he is asking permission. Those seem like odd things to me...

For the record I am still dealing with the reprecausions of me not learning proper coping skills and using drink to help. Its amazing how much booze helps you "deal" when the reality is your skillet sucks ass

Best of luck...
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