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Therapists can be very helpful. After a long talk with mine, I realized that I just need to listen to my body and all other assorted characters. If one of them is uncomfortable, then I may just need to say no.

Then I had a nice talk with Thing 1, saying that I only want to do non-sexual play right now and he was quite understanding. I'm sure Thing 2 will be as well. Then, if I feel like I want to go further with that at some point, I totally can. And nobody gets traumatized.

On the sucky side, I have bronchitis. Hopefully resting up this weekend will remedy it. Having that while taking your finals is NOT fun! I could barely concentrate when I took my last test yesterday. I'm feeling slightly better today and finals are officially over, so I can actually relax. *insert big sigh of relief* I'm planning on hibernating this weekend.

I think that spring is finally here and I love that my snapdragons are blooming. They look so beautiful. I got a little jalapeno plant and I'm excited to see if I get little peppers! Once I feel better, I can finish transplanting stuff. I've got some dahlias and they are lovely. I can't wait until someday when I have space to grow lots of stuff. I'm glad we have a bit of room though. It's a fun hobby.
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