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So many of the choices we make in our lives are based on our current situations and determing if the cost is worth it.
ie. Do I take the great job offer that's 2 hours away? What would it cost in gas and time to commute? How much time with my kids would have to be sacrificed? Would it require re-locating and what would that do my partner's job opportunities? Could we even sell the house? With kids in school and activities, commuting it would be out of the question and if my partner couldn't find a job in the new city, the advantages of the new job would cost more than I'm willing to pay. Now if I was single or the kids were grown and off on their own, sure no problem, I'd jump at the chance.
Just because you are capable of loving more than one person at once, doesn't mean that you HAVE to always have multiple loves in your life. Even if you find you do love more than one, it doesn't mean the relationship needs to cross the sex boundry (which seems to be societies biggest hurdle). What I have found helpful, is just the knowledge that I don't have to be afraid to let myself feel love.

I'm comfortable in the fact that poly doesn't interfere with my faith even if it does cause issues with "the church". Unfortunately the two don't always agree. Society does not like change and the church likes it even less.

I may never be in a full poly relationship, but I have two boys that will be starting their dating years shortly and this is where I hope to make an impact and promote change. I never want my kids or grandkids to feel that they need to hide their loves from me.
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