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Default Novel Forumla For Poly?

Okay, some of you (if you have been here a loooooong time and remember me) know that I am a writer of sorts.

Right now, I am working on an idea for a sequence of poly-based romance books.

I am actaully looking to get these published, so I need a good, consistant basic formula for the romantic aspect. (Yes, forumla writing sucks most of the time.)

Could some of the more experienced poly-couples/lovers here help me with what your perspective on the usual progression of a poly relationship is?

I am interested in two progressions;

1. primary couple mutually courting a single person (male or female)

2. memeber of primary couple courting a secondary partner and/or secondary partner being courted by one primary partner.

My own experiences with poly have not been good examples so I would like some additional input!

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