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Default Jealousy is not dangerous, but useful.

Jealousy indicates fear, self preservation, the preservation of a love relationship, loss of what once was, sadness over the loss of what once was, anger over a lovers seeming lack of love for you etc.... it is very powerful in that it is a mixture of many emotions in one.

Jealousy is not simple and is not dangerous. Sure to a lot of us it feels strange and new as we don't often get to feel it in life... but it is the newness that makes us feel like it's wrong. It makes us feel that we are misbehaving and that we should be shameful about our seeming lack of control over our emotions.

Jealousy can be harnessed to achieve great things in terms of knowing ourselves and how strong our relationships really are. It can also indicate that there is something wrong in the relationship or in the relationship of our lover and their other lover.

There is nothing wrong with it or bad about it. It is very human and shows that we too can be humbled by our less desirable emotions....
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