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Smile Whole new update

Whole new update:

I finally spoke with Psycho ex girlfriend and told her that I still loved her very much and that I was happy she had found a person that made her feel safe and happy. Sheís happy to see that I am doing well. Unfortunately she didnít throw her self in my arms and said, ďI love you too letís get back together.Ē I am grateful that she found what she was looking for. German guy doesnít want to date anymore he was expecting a lot more from me. I am glad I didnít rush into anything I kept my distance and my dignity. I was smart enough not to allow things to get sexual and that helped me see what his immediate intensions where. If you sleep with anyone too soon things can become extremely complicated. This time I took my time and I am so glad I did. It saved me from a heart ache. Good Job Me! Church guy has kept his promise heís been very respectful and has given me my space. He has really shown what a great person he is. Heís accepted when heís made a mistake and has never pushed for a sexual relationship. That makes me happy. Things with PC are still the same. We stay in touch via txt. Out of four I am down to two. All is part of the journey.

Regarding my previews concerns:

Iíve concluded from my previews concerns that short-term dating is possible and it is quite moral. There is nothing wrong with going out on a few dates getting to know a few people and enjoying our time with each other. No man is an island and we all need some ones hand to hold.

I havenít made a full decision about online dating. I am still hopping I will meet a nice girl the old fashion way.
"To laugh often and love much...this is to have succeded."-Emerson
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