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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
We both agreed that a big confident smile and face as well as intelligence, or at least the desire to act intellegently was more attractive than anything else.

Really though, there is a rush of energy when I know I have found someone I connect with. I recognize it immediately. Whether I act on it depends on time and circumstance now though as I get that rush often.
RP I must agree here. I do not think I have a "body" type but I really go for masculine men- they can have just about any body type or look but self assuredness, a bit of swagger and inner strength are huge turn-ons. Confidence in their own sexuality is key. I definitely fall for the mind first, so outward beauty while appreciated doesn't turn my head. Attraction for me starts with a spark of mutual connection -that aha moment of damn this person is interesting, if there is a connection intellectually and emotionally (which takes a bit of time) the physical compatibility part seals the deal. That's for men.

While I would call myself heteroflexible- some attraction, I have no real experience with female lovers- only one. I am attracted to a certain body type in females but I have never really emotionally connected in a sexual way with a woman, so I would say those waters are quite untested for me.

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