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My first advice is to let us know more about your situation. It's hard for others to know what to comment on if you don't start the ball rolling.

Having said that, there is one point in your post that I want to pick up:
Originally Posted by SolShine View Post
I introduced my boyfriend of five years to the idea of bringing another woman to be part of our relationship as an equal partner and we are now dating for about two weeks at this point.
How quickly are you moving on this "equal partners" idea? It sounds wonderful in theory, but I would have thought that - unless she's somebody that you've both know as a close friend for a long time - it would be fairly risky to jump into "equal partners" between 2 people who've been together for 5 years and a 3rd who's 2 weeks into the relationship.

More details and more of your thoughts, please...
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