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Originally Posted by live4themusic View Post
What would possibly lead you to believe that? Are you making this assumption because I'm (comparatively) young? Because I'm new to this message board and so I obviously must be coming in here looking for a second woman to join our relationship? I didn't specify any kind of condition on the gender of person I would enter into a relationship with.
um, I was just asking.

You didn't mention how you would feel if she dated a man... so I thought I'd ask.

Does it upset you to think about that and be questioned about that.... or am I reading into your annoyance?

Just that some men seem to be okay with themselves dating other women and their women dating other women, or bringing another woman into their relationship as you had mentioned; even bringing another man into their relationship, but struggle most of all with their woman having another male partner.... so I just wondered if this is so for you, ... out of interest... and because I have three male partners, and no female one ().... its a perspective that I find interesting is all.
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