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Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight
(even if you can't help laughing at yourself during the first few sessions)...
Okay, I tried it. But...yeah. I felt very silly.

BUT, I think the positive thoughts helped. I felt pretty good about myself for a few hours afterward. I'm realizing that I start actually believing I'm attractive before I'm going to come across that way to anyone else (regardless of how well I've objectively taken care of myself). So you're right in that it's an internal retraining thing.
Notice that "first few sessions"! You have to keep at it. It gets less silly as time goes by. It feels silly at the beginning because you're actually embarrassed by complementing yourself... because part of you still doesn't believe that you are wonderful.

p.s. I originally wrote
Look at yourself in a good-sized mirror. Look into your eyes and tell yourself:
a) I'm an attractive woman. [...]
The looking into your eyes is to convince yourself that you're sincere. I forgot to add that - at least for a) - you're also supposed to look at any other part of you reflected in the mirror - and any part of you at all without need of the mirror reflection - but when you say it, look into your eyes. [Arguably the most attractive part of anybody, the "windows to the soul".] You might laugh now, but...
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