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Originally Posted by Mel View Post
Folks, this is Mel from Riverside,CA. I'm a 53 y/o single male, unattached. I was in a poly-relationship, with two beautiful women, however financial hardships, and educational commitments separated us. It was wonderful though.

I'm an eclectic pagan, ordained, freelance writer, starving student, just got my Doctorate, in Philosophy, and still studying and a starving student. I had a book published, and doing another soon.
Hi Mel, and welcome!
I'm a 55 y/o single male, unattached (yeti). I was in several poly-relationships, with many beautiful women (almost all women are beautiful), have always had financial hardships (well, actually, I don't call them hardships even though I live far below the poverty line: I float along and enjoy life on a shoestring...)

I'm an eclectic pagan, unpublished writer, looking forward to first book deal this summer. (They like the story, I've got to do the illustrations.) I want to break into translation work, too. Spanish and/or Catalan <> English, German>English, especially children's books. Then I might be able to buy a shoe to go with the shoestring...

Looking forward to reading more about you!
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