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Default well any way

getting a counselor for me seems to be a good idea. i would get a good divorce lawyer but the only thing i want is my new imac and my books and my comic books and clothes. she can have everything else.

it's really weird now that it'sall out in the open i'm not even mad anymore. even if we don't have the same relationship we still have a very good... "friendship?" i don't make enough for her to get alimony, and we'll have joint custody cause she likes to go out and travel.

it just a sad calm kinda ending not like a big blow up any more. but i'm definitely not looking to start any relationships. (that'll be funny cause of my first post) just hoping i get some time to myself to think my life out again. it sad cause if she would just give me safe place, i would definitely be able to work through everything else with her. But, alas. methinks i hope too much.

no more tequila for awhile either, that dunk thing was fun while it lasted but i was kinda, too goofy off'a tha juice. any body know anyone in the philadelphia area who likes to cuddle poor broken men? LOL.

well, see you guys tommorow.
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