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Originally Posted by toralatigra View Post
What I need help with is... What kind of things should I ask her about and what should I potentially be prepared to talk about/answer questions about?
You could ask her what she thinks of her gym instructor and offer her some advice on growing cucumbers.

Couldn't resist that. I see that BlackUnicorn has already given you sensible, helpful advice. All those issues need to be dealt with. What I really wanted to say is that I don't think that you should worry so much about it beforehand. Keep BlackUnicorn's points in your head, but try to relax on the date. Let it flow. If the questions flow, that's great, but don't force anything.

She seems positive about the whole deal. You notice (even just hearing her in the background) that she seems to be compatible to you. So the most important thing is: open yourself to friendship. Show trust, express interest. That will probably (on a first date) do you all more good than a load of nervous questions.

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