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Default First meeting of metamour... Help!

I'm meeting my potential metamour this weekend and I'm excited and confused. We're going on a group date which will be my second physical date with the guy. He and his wife have a third date policy, but he and I hit it off so well that we decided to do a group date on date 2, with some me and him time after.

What I need help with is... What kind of things should I ask her about and what should I potentially be prepared to talk about/answer questions about? Has anyone else that's new to poly gone through this yet? And if so how did it go and was it totally awkward?

She seems pretty cool from what I can tell so far, on phone days with him, she's been in the background sometimes so I'll catch her comments in response to something he says to me and it's seemed so far that we have similar thoughts.

Well anything you can share/answer/advise on would be greatly appreciated!
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